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Looking for entertainment that is interactive and fun? Our roving artists will move and mingle throughout your event, creating an atmosphere for guests to indulge. Tailored to any theme, our roving artists could be the edge your event needs.

Immerse your guests and gift them with the unique of interactive art with Surreal Living Artistry.

Mike Tyler Magic

Mike Tyler is a modern magician who focuses on creating a memorable and engaging experience by combining personality, humour, stage presence, and sleight-of-hand skill. He has performed live stage shows in over 250 cities across 7 countries. This includes headlining international comedy festivals, starring on London’s West End, and even opening a 4 month residency performing nightly at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Over 50 million people have witnessed his prime time TV appearances in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and UK. Considered one of Australia’s favourite magicians and corporate entertainers, Mike is guaranteed to impress!

Living Garden Statues

Our living statues only move when you will least expect. Completely immersed in silver, bronze, or gold bring your event to life with this intriguing act.


LED Butterflies

Be mesmerized by our life-size LED Butterfly dancers as they flutter about your event.

Decoy Artists

Want your next event to have the atmosphere of a fire cracker?

Place a Decoy Artist amongst the crowd to elevate morale and add entertainment value through the Decoy Artists vibrant personality and willingness to get involved!

Disco Dancers

Captivating audiences as the dancer travels throughout your event with a disco ball head. Recommended 1 dancer per 50m2, minimum hire of 2 dancers per event.

Roving Character Actors

Our acting team are elite artists, with vast experience in adaptability and imaginative play. With access to some of Australia's best impersonator's and improvisationalist's we can provide almost any character in a realistic way, down to every detail - even the character's signature! Enquire Now to request a character.

Liberate the creative potential of your next event.



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