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Surreal Living Artistry create, personalise and produce dance elements that will enhance any occasion.

With some of Australia's most elite, dynamic and disciplined dancers, we are overjoyed to offer a vast range of exceedingly diverse experiences

from all dance genres.

Wow your guests by adding dance artistry to your event with Surreal Living Artistry.

Hype Artists

Want your next event to have the atmosphere of a fire cracker?

Place energetic and trained dancer/actors in the mix to ensure your patrons are enjoying their experience.

Podium Dancers

The perfect addition to any event. Dancers are elevated on fixed podiums for patrons to admire while they dance the night away with energy, elegance and rhythm. In the same way, we can also provide Podium Dancers in a dance cage, fixed to the roof. Venue must have rigging anchor and appropriate specs for this service to be booked.

Bubble Dancers

Captivating audiences as the dancer travels throughout an event in a life-size bubble. Recommended 1 dancer per 50m2, minimum hire of 2 dancers per event.


Floating Aqua-Sphere Artists

A bold and elegant addition for any event that has a water feature. Entertainers perform in the floating sphere as they mesmerize patrons with their elegant poise. Recommended 1 ball per 30m2, 2 dancers alternate within the one ball.


Life-size Martini Act (Coming Soon!)

Forget asking for an extra olive with your martini, make it life size and add an entertainer to the order. Our life size martini glass can be used both as a specialty act when filled with water, or even as a bottle service with a twist! No matter your style, It will be the smoothest martini you'll ever have!

Feature Shows & Flash mobs

Our choreography team love to curate both feature shows and flash mobs suitable to enhance any event. Go to Feature Shows and Flash Mobs to peruse our pre-created works or Enquire Now to ask our team how we can make your very own performance, totally intrinsic to you!


Liberate the creative potential of your next event.




Not sure where to start?

Whether you are just researching your entertainment options, wanting to know more about what we can do for you or your entertainment dreams are as clear as day,

we are here to help YOU!

Our Entertainment Design Specialists are available:

9:00am - 5:30pm, Monday to Saturday by phone 0413218981


24 hours, 365 days a year by our Enquiry Form below.






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