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Our in-house theatre curators are leaders in design, creation and production of bespoke theatre in South-East Queensland, Australia.

We encourage personalised commissions to make the occasion extra special however we also have a selection of pre-curated feature shows on offer suited to a wide range of events.


"Sweet Escape" Candy Themed Show

Sugar isn't the only thing sweet around here! A modern day, cheeky swirl of dandy candy tunes by elite performing artists, with larger than life costumes of edible sweets.

"Kingdom Sensation -A Burlesque Experience" Feature Show

The sun goes down and the Kingdom awakes.

Immerse yourself in a realm of opulent virtuosity, ruled by

the vivacious Mama Minx. Be enthralled by the Diamond

Dukes and Duchesses as they wait on your desires

but not your every wish.

A Burlesque experience laced together with the popular songs of today. This royal rendezvous will have you stunned

in wonder, guilty for giggling, and

thirsty for more than water.

"Feel Like Summer!" Children's Dance Show

An interactive children’s dance show set at the beach which is fun and light hearted. Join Peter, Jason, Amelia and Teeny as they go to a summer holiday dance party with all the summer hits you love. 


"Heart Pulse" The Romantic Gesture Singing Flash Mob

Cupid himself delivered directly to your lover's door! Whether you'd like a bunch of flowers and chocolates delivered with cupid and their bulls-eye bow and arrow, or a barber shop quartet singing their favourite song, it's a personal delivery they'll never forget.

"Marry Me!" The Proposal Dance Flash Mob

We curate proposal flash mobs according to commission to make this once-in-a-lifetime moment totally intrinsic for you and your partner! Enquire now to tell us how you'd like to pop the question in the most memorable way!

"The Most Wonderful Time" Christmas Dance Flash Mob

Make this Christmas magical!

Surprise your patrons with a Dance Flash mob!

A striking performance by elite artists, twirled up with a modern medley of the jolly season's favourite carols that are sure to bring joy to every face!

Shopping centres, train stations, corporate functions, markets and public areas with high foot traffic.

Make your venue a wonderland to remember - with this magical surprise your guests could never forget!

"The Walking Dead" Halloween Actors Flash Mob (Private Functions Only)

Surprise and frighten your guests with a staged zombie attack! We plant a decoy actor in the mix as a party guest and they get maliciously attacked and before you know it, there's zombies a-plenty.

Performance carried out delicately by experienced actors with official permissions in place. All social distancing requirements are adhered to in line with Queensland State Government's regulations. This service is only suitable for 15+ audiences at private events.

"Sweet Escape" Candy Themed Dance Flash Mob

A fleeting joy of 5 dancers enthroned in edible sweets dancing to a medley of some of the yummiest songs known to date. 

Shopping centres, train stations, corporate functions, markets and public areas with high foot traffic.

Make your event the sweet surprise your guests could never forget!

"Feel Like Summer!" Children's Dance Flash Mob

A beach themed children’s flash mob executed with 4 industry level dancers, performing with tricks and lifts spun together by the summer hits you love. 

Liberate the creative potential of your next event.
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Not sure where to start?

Whether you are just researching your entertainment options, wanting to know more about what we can do for you or your entertainment dreams are as clear as day,

we are here to help YOU!

Our Entertainment Design Specialists are available:

9:00am - 5:30pm, Monday to Saturday by phone 0413218981


24 hours, 365 days a year by our Enquiry Form below.






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